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Texas Home Learning

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Texas Home Learning (THL) offers free access to optional, TEKS-aligned instructional materials.

THL includes print and online options developed specifically for Texas to provide continuity between remote and classroom environments. All THL instructional materials will undergo a rigorous review process with input from Texas teachers to confirm alignment with TEKS and quality standards.

THL Overview

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Lisa Peoples
Administrative Assistant
(409) 951-1743

Lisa Yoes
Program Coordinator
(409) 951-1744

Danielle Neely
Program Coordinator
(409) 951-1795

Alisha Lawrence
Program Coordinator
THL Elementary Mathematics
(409) 951-1840

Hannah Rees
Program Coordinator
THL Secondary Mathematics
(409) 951-1739

Adrianna Broxton
Program Coordinator
(409) 951-1796